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Here on this page you can read various comments and replys made on Youtube and Blog or forums.

If you read the comments carefully you come to the conclusion that christians make use off nearly all fallacys.
To get a better understanding of what a fallacy (in discussion) is go to the Atheist manual section under resources of this website.
Try to spot the fallacy's and have fun !


Comments on video upload to concen.

Dr. Gene Scott - A Rational Basis For Faith (1980) (video)

Uploader comment.

"You don't have to check your brain at the door to be a Christian."

Dr. Gene Scott (at his best in my opinion) gives a powerful message expounding on the basis of Christian faith (the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb & His Ascension) and moreover shows that "rational thinking" goes a long way in faith, as opposed to simple "feelings".

A great video for anyone!

Reply (to upl) by Therelihunters

Because Christians do not check their brain at the door thats why so many Christians do believe upfront without critical thinking (for themselves) and take the bible as is, the bible is not to be read as is. If the basis of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus and his ascension, you might as well forget the whole religion because that only tells us thats its all crap, simply because those stated things did not even take place let alone are possible. And feelings have nothing to do with it, its believe because they are brainwashed yep at the door of the church, and rational thinking is suddenly re programmed to ''faith'' how that can be is the only miracle I can not explain. LOL

Since when is there something rational about the idea that Jesus (who if he existed in the first place was probably in coma on the cross, not dead ) resurrected and ascended ? These attributes are not even possible and those events did not even happen. You can not ascend with a physical body and why would you ? After a human dies his spirit is detached and there is no way back and goes on to the next plane the next dimension, an astral plane. So Jesus if he was dead would have gone to heaven this way or he was in coma and came out of coma and let the stone roll back before stepping out of the tomb. The last explanation is the only rational explanation there is. Go study ( the alternative Jesus theorie) Laurence Gardner he is the only one who makes the most sense of what happened ! Its very simple people nothing special happened. Leave Jesus as is (Myth character) ''himself'' and stop with those miracle nonsense because they did not happen ! But people are to lazy to study the subject of origin of religion and concepts and myths and let themselves brainwash with nonsense by church and other believers.

Comment by B

A coma? Laurence Gardner? Come on, let's be rational. At least watch the video.

Comment bij Nw

The bible is full of rational stories. I'm just off to feed my pink flying elephant now.

comment by csi

Whats rational about dogma?

Reply (to B) by Therelihunters

''Comment by B
A coma? Laurence Gardner? Come on, let's be rational. At least watch the video.''

Oh oke so you call, walking over water, virgin births, resurrection and ascension of certain dead people rational ? Ha ha since when is such a thing rational. And I not even mentioned dozens of other creepy and nonsense stuff in the bible.

(For the sake of the argument in the discussion) If he was real dead he could not have be seen alive would he ? Whats irrational to a coma, when he prob. was poisoned on the cross to look like he was dead, he could not have been dead cause to short on cross and he was bleeding upon spear input and dead men don't bleed. Anyway does not matter he was apparently not dead was he, cause he is been seen and if that was a tale its fine with me than I am ready because than Jesus was nothing at all what the Christians believed him to be. I do not believe in such a thing anyway so that does not bother me because than it's all to clear, Christianity religion is all but a fraud, which it is anyway because thats proven. Gardner is the most rational scholar there is in my point of view assuming Jesus was an historical person of which I doubt he was.
Sorry you don't fool me. God / Angels / Devil / Satan do not exist other than manmade concepts and personifications of things / beings in which they believed all coming from earlier myths anyway. India and Sumer etc. thats a fact

Comment by B.

If Gardner's work is good enough for you, then so be it. But remember that without the Bible, there are no Gardner books. He, like so many of the other fabricators of "truth" listed on the website cannot write these books without first ripping off what they will out of the Bible. No original data, just twisting around what is already there. Everything from eating monoatomic gold to become a superman, the Ark being a supermachine to produce said elixir, to the tired theory of Jesus' enduring bloodline. (Gardner's riding of the Michel LaFosse moneytrain and subsequent bail out when the wheels fell off is quite revealing.) Not that the Bible supports any of these, it's just the non-copyrighted source for so many "scholars" whose (copyrighted/money making) books will soon enough fade into obscurity when the next fantastic theorist or plagiarizer comes along to fill the void in the hearts of the skeptics. The Bible will endure and I think that speaks volumes. I once again encourage you to watch the video, as many of your claims are addressed. Surely someone with such a thirst for knowledge (as you surely must have to read-out an entire library) would like all sides presented. I am very interested in your views/opinions, but can we just start all over again with the video itself and go from there? I mean, the title of the thread is "RE: Dr. Gene Scott - A Rational Basis For Faith (1980)", not "Hey what is everbody's preconceived notion on this and that?" We will surely go off topic once this debate heats up, but let's at least start out the proper way.

Reply (to B) by Therelihunters

LOL if there is something twisted itself than it's the bible ! Do I have to go through the list here ? Genesis is from Sumerian Babylonian tale. thats a fact. God - Satan, Angels, Devil, Elohim , Nefilim are all concepts taken from myths thats fact 2. Virgin birth, Son of God, resurrection and ascension with physical body is not possible.Thats fact 3. And yes the ark is a condensator which build up power (fact 4) and when the golden calf was burned it turned to powder this is monatomic gold.. this is scientific proven as fact (fact 5) They even tested a model of the thing. Fact 6 Moses law and 10 commandments are from Egypt this is proven by comparison of different scripture. Moses 3 ''miracles'' for the Pharaoh were nothing else than certain Egyptian Pharaoh rites and not a test from God thats fact 7. Noach story is from Gilgamesh fact 8, Oh I can go on for hours. but I don't have the time.
I don't have to see that video because it is already established what those things the Christians explain as miracles are and we know that they are not possible so there is no need for any discussion. There is only one possibility and I gave all of them for the respective topics. Everything is clear and there are no mysteries. I gave you the facts. Believers only interpret and translate the bible wrong and twist it to suit there needs thats fact 9 already.
See menu on this site Resources / Atheist manual / Facts list.

Comment by M.

We're talking about the supernatural and dimensions you know nothing about. Have you read the Book of Enoch? Kabbalah? Goetia? Do you even know who Cain's real father was? I highly doubt it.

Reply (to M) by Therelihunters

Don't know nothing about supernatural / paranormal phenomenon and dimensions ? From my 16th till 30th I read every book in the local lib about Paranormal,lost civilizations, UFO, Reincarnation, Pyramids incl books I bought, went to several paranormal lecture events here in Holland and later on from 90's I followed black projects, NWO, 911, conspiracies and all of that stuff so I am not the average citizen. By the way do you know what an out of body experience is ? I do, I experienced it many times myself. Do you know what Evp is ? I know damn well what paranormal is all about. I don't think you were in that material at age 16th till 20th did you ? But the bible has nothing to do with that. No miracles in the bible to find. Miracles don't even exist. And about UFO and ET don't start that idiot Satan, demon link to ET crap please because thats already debunked many times.

We are not talking about supernatural and dimensions, these are not even mentioned in the bible, because it did not even happened. There happened not a thing out of the ordinary in the bible, only pesky Christians who take it literal instead of symbolic and who not understand anything of it. I am sorry for you being brainwashed. You take the bible for granted while you can't do that. Its not the word of God, only men wrote it and not even inspired, thats nonsense. Think for yourself. Think hard and rational and do study of origin of bible myths and concepts.
Enoch,Kabbalah,Goetia . ha ha why should I. all based on myth. Genesis storys are based on Sumer myths and epics nothing to do with Jews or even Christianity. You stole the damn thing, admit it ! Its all a freaking lie. What part of that do you not understand ?
We dont even know what the Sumer epic means which was re interpreted by the Jews led out of Judea to Babylonia where they picked up and re interpreted those storys which became Genesis in the OT. I dont give a damn who his father was (Cain) A Sumer king or Adam or whatever figure. God is NOT the creator of Adam and Eve let alone the father of any kids of theirs is just a myth a symbolic myth. There was not even a Adam and Eve to begin with let alone Cain and Abel and Seth.

Comment by H.

Crucifixion was a death sentence.
Coming off that cross alive would be the same as coming off a hangmans noose or an electric chair alive.

When Yeshuah's body was taken off that cross,he was certainly dead or they would not have tooken him off that cross.The reason the roman soldiers didnt break his legs like the other 2 on their crosses was because Yeshuah was already dead and the roman soldiers didnt need to speed up the process.

And you do not embalm and put a body that is in a coma in a tomb.

H reply to M.
The book of Enoch,kabbalah and goetia have absolutely no divine inspiration to them at all.
The kabbalah is Jewish witchcraft that comes from ancient Babylon.
Cains real father was Adam. The serpent seed theory is totally false and can be easily debunked.

Reply( to H) by Therelihunters
The alternative theory is that he was NOT dead, he got poisoned into coma. How could he come out of his tomb if he was dead ? He was seen alive wasn't he, so thats clear he was NOT dead. Yep Adam according to the story but even that is just a mythical Sumer story and meant to be symbolic.
If someone took ever the time to read Laurence Gardners books than all would be explained. All your comments here are explained and all on a rational natural manner. Dont brainwash yourself.
I can debunk all the bible shit. see

Comment by NW

Yes the whole fairy tale can be debunked also. But then you believe the Israel is good fairy tale too so not much hope there.

Humor comments

A from Canada in letter to a newsletter
Hi (talkshowhost),
I'e been thinking about the strange noises heard around the world. The sound of the horn seemed to be associated woth the Gods and angels. I wonder if that is because when the ancients heard the horn -like noise in the atmosphere, the Gods would show up? Does that mean we can expect a visit from the Gods?

Blog comments

Apocalypse 2010 says:
April 11, 2012 at 9:52 PM

The Bible makes it abundantly clear that man is but one of innumerable intelligent creatures that fill the Universe. The Earth itself has intelligent ethereal beings permeating the near surface atmosphere and out into the farthest reaches of Space. The planet itself is filled with intelligent life in the waters, in subterranean regions and of course on the surface. Some of these creatures are corporeal, some may even be classified as human. Man is not the ruler of this planet; the god of this world is Satan, evil personified, which is why evil never takes a breather on Earth. However as the scripture from Isaiah 24:21 quoted below tells us the day will come when God will deal with the evil kings of the earth on the Earth, and the Host or army of the High ones on high (or in the heavens above us.) So with the subterranean and sub-oceanic regions having been inhabited for ages longer than modern man has been around, it is no surprise that the technologies to dig right down to the centre of the earth have existed for eons. The Bible is the only book that covers the history of Creation from the beginning into the infinite future. The majority think they are too smart for the Bible (when the truth is the opposite, they are too dumb to understand it), and organized so-called Christianity is a filthy lucre loving business with dumbed down leaders who have less intelligence than apes. Nevertheless Truth, like Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be discovered. Jesus is the (Absolute) truth; find him and all your questions will be answered; deny Him and continue in the ignorance that defines your life and then take a trip to the outer darkness at the end of it all. It is exhilarating to understand life and to drink deep of it, and I thank God that for the understanding of my world and my existence that can only come from Him. May all those who read these words find what I have found for only then will their lives be fulfilled. Only then will the existence of things such as D.U.M.B.S. not seem incredulous to them but like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle it will fit into the bigger picture that few can see for only few have eyes to see and ears to hear!

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high (heavenly – above the Earth) places.
Philippians 2:10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;
Isaiah 24:21 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth.

therelihunter says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
April 14, 2012 at 8:10 PM

Oh my God what a nonsense ! Your brainwashed !

Youtube comments

If Christianity is debunked then why is there 3 billion Christians in the World? (Fallacy: Appeal to majority) Also Evolution and many other scientific data has been debunked or altered as well, so should we throw out valuable information, simply because it was called false? (Which valuable info do you mean ?) I don't know how your brain operates, but mine works on logic. (note: christians and Logic ? LOL) I don't believe things based on life experiences, common sense and I'm not influenced by others opinions. (huh ? pretty stupid and ignorant and very dangerous to live that way isn't it ?)
Also do you have no life arguing with everyone in here? (part of research for site)
· in reply to TheRelihunter

Because 3 billion christians are ignorant for that fact it is debunked, they are deceived and still being deceived with utterly nonsense from their church ! (Fallacy Appeal to numbers) This amounts to attempting to prove something by showing how many people think that it's true. ) You do not believe in life experiences and common sense and not influenced by other opinions ? Very stupid than but your brain works on logic ? You contradict yourself ! ''I don't believe things based ...'
· in reply to JamesTheTruthAdams


I would like you to search something on Youtube. Search "Proof that Mohammad exists. Man Died and saw him." or "Proof Baals exists. Women saw him in Heaven." Look at the results. I bet you barley see a thing. Then search, "Proof that God exists man died bla bla bla..." and tell me how many results there are...
· in reply to cabrame

There is no proof that God exist died bla bla bla. you cannot find proof of God on the internet !
in reply to Theninjawolf05


David Mayorquin
Your are basing this video not on the word of God but the Pagan people who made it. Your are right on some stuff I will give that to you but your are wrong that Christianity is wrong.

Yep pagan people made the myths in the first place the bible is based upon so ! Christianity is based on pagan sun worshipping and on a mythical character called Jesus. There is NO word of God nowhere ! You cannot base anything on the so called word of God cause there aint such a thing. The bible is not word of God ( does not even exist ) nor inspired. Do read the bible and use your brain which you haven't done yet ! Moron
· in reply to David Mayorquin

XH Ramírez
The following scriptures debunk the false teaching that BORN AGAIN Christians are under generational curses. Obedient Christians that bear fruit (Matthew 7:16) are not under gc's. If you are a profane, unfaithful, "christian" who does not bear any fruit u can be under a curse due to YOUR OWN disobedience because you chose it.
(Argument to fear )
God punishes his rebellious children until they come to a genuine repentance.

Punishes ? LOL OH man your lost. and you believe all that shit ? Cursing does not exist. The whole bible is already debunked for years.
in reply to XH Ramírez


Cavallino Rampante (wrong assumptions)
If one is profane christian chances are they never were a true born again Christian to begin with. Remember that even the devil can quote scripture but he manipulates it and twists it. The unsaved are under generational curses and the more wicked they are and more hateful towards God, the more cursed they are and their descendants. Once the unsaved repent and love God wholeheartedly, the curse is broken. God is a God of justice and love. He is a God of generational BLESSINGS(Genesis 22:17). (Argument to fear)
· in reply to XH Ramírez

"'God '' is a god of murder and jealous behavior according to the buy bull itself. Who told you all those bullshit ? Oh yep what convenient ''the devil can quote scripture but he manipulates it and twists it.'' ??? Oh man you are sick so unbelievable sick you all are. Bunch of foolish nutters and damn idiots.
· in reply to Cavallino Rampante


PakMeiKune01 (False assumptions)
For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. -Hebrews 4:12

Hm which one of those bunch of stupid and lying idiot Jews made up that verse ? There is no word of god. You are making it worse now in the discussion to make use of whole bible txt ! It wont do you any good.
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, (How do you know ?) for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. -2 Timothy 3:16-17
· in reply to TheRelihunter

Do no cite anything in the bible to proof your point because its all written by man not inspired by ''god'' so no authority whatsoever ! The bible is based on astrotheological myths from begin till to end which is proven by scholars !
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

You're an idiot. The Bible is, in fact, the ONLY source to be trusted as inspired, authoritative truth. (False assumptions) There are over 25,000 pieces of corroborating evidence spanning the past 2,000+(Appeal to numbers) years of recorded history which fully support the Biblical account, as written.(note: No it does not!) Where's the evidence to support your claims? Citations, please. Anytime absolute truth needs to be provided, I'll quote the Bible to do it.(Circular reasoning, asumption ) Otherwise, it's little more than personal opinion (much like your laughably ignorant comments).
· in reply to TheRelihunter

PakMeiKune01 (Appeal to popular believe, false asumptions, logical fallacy)
"Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." -Matthew 10:32-33

Anything else, cupcake? No? Good. Because frankly, you're boring me to death with your incessant and completely nonsensical pagan ramblings:) (Fallacy: Ad Hominim)
· in reply to witchcerridwen

What do you think you are doing with your ignorant incessant and completely irrelevant human made fantasy written 200 years after the alleged life of that according to the bible ignorant and arrogant figure ('' if you love your family more than me you are not worthy of me'') Jesus? There was not even a Matthew and certainly did not write the gospel. We do not even know who wrote that stuff let alone who wrote the other stuff incl OT. nonsensical is: talking snake, walking on water, cursing tree
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. (Appeal to fear, popular believe, false asumptions etc.)
47 He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God. -John 8:44-45, 47
· in reply to TheRelihunter

According to the OT your father God did the killings not the devil ! The flood, Sodom - Gomorra, Jericho and other Canaan city's were destroyed by Moses son Yoshua to be able to get to the ''promised '' land as '' chosen'' people ( the biggest nonsense of them all and a lie so big !!) I will remind you that citing the bible does not make sense and will do you any good ! The bible has NO any authority its written by man alone no God in it nor inspired by IT (god) nothing holy to the bible
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

Just made up stuff to fearmonger the people into their own stupid believe system, not any truth to it ! Do not cite from a book which is proven to be a forgery, fraud , allegory , myth etc does not impress me at all. so I do not know why you keep citing and replying this shit. Do you not have better things to do ?
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

You're an ignorant fool, clearly operating under a Jezebel spirit of rebellion and witchcraft. (Fallacy of Ad Hominim) Do not presume to tell me anything about what the Bible either does or does not teach; your complete Biblical ignorance is blatantly obvious to anyone with even a cursory understanding of scripture. (Who the hell are you ?) Put down the Goetia and pick up a King James Bible. Educate yourself to the truth (sorry the truth from the bible?) as opposed to chasing your own corrupt will. Your blood is on your own hands; your pride and arrogance will be your undoing.(Fallacy of Ad Hominim)
· in reply to witchcerridwen

''If you throw a stone it will be thrown back to you '' holy crap 6:66 YOU are an ignorant fool, clearly operating under brainwashing. Jezebel does not exist just made fantasy. The whole bible is made up for Sun sake ! Its all a myth, its been proven to be, not only that its obvious that it is anybody with a rational logic brain understands that except moronic dumb uneducated foolish christians as yourself. Since when has the bible truth in it ? Man fuck off waste your time with someone else
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

PakMeiKune01 (wrong assumptions)
You couldn't be more wrong. First, I'm a Christian, not a Jew. Jewish mysticism has nothing to do with Biblical Christianity;(note: Christianity derived from Judeo christian believe and even gnosticism) it is everything God told the Jews not to follow after. Second, Solomon rebelliously chose to go his own way; away from the God of his fathers, following the religious practices of his pagan wives, which God strictly warned him against. However, before he died, he proclaimed it ALL folly and turned again to the Lord God. That's the lesson to be learned.
· in reply to witchcerridwen

God is not to be seen in the bible at all so how could IT warn someone ? Its just a story a man made myth by the Jews, who invented even their own history including Genesis, Noach, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon all those people never existed ! Such a fool you are in your own Gods eyes !
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

Again, evidence? Anything at all except the rambling opinions of an uneducated fool with a personal agenda against Biblical Christianity? No? Nothing? That's what I thought. Your idiotic personal opinions mean absolutely nothing. Try actually reading the Bible before ignorantly dismissing it as nonsense based solely on your obvious personal disdain for the truth. Consider yourself ignored form this point forward, dumb-ass. Hope your blatant hatred for God works out well for you. (Fallacy: Ad Hominim,Appeal to ignorance) (says an ignorant christian ?)
· in reply to TheRelihunter

You don't get it do you ? You ignorant brainwashed pesky idiot christian ? I do not hate anybody and God as christianity portraits it does not exist for we know where that concept came from, from myth, yea where else would it come from ? So since when can you hate someone of something that does not exist ? The burden of proof is on the one who makes the claim and those are the christians not me. My opinions are based on fact and are not idiotic at all. You proof my point !
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

Citing bible wont help. Its easy to cite a bible but its just human made up crap and allegory and has nothing whatsoever to do with a God ! You became a fool because you are brainwashed into this believe system of yours. You do not even know what you are talking about. Where did you came up with this fantasy ?
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

PakMeiKune01 (false assumptions, circular reasoning)
The LORD hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all. -Psalms 103:19
· in reply to TheRelihunter

Yea whatever. Prepared his throne ? First of all there is no matter in your supposed heavenly dimension and since a spirit does not have any form and ''God'' is supposedly everywhere at ones I do not think he need a chair / throne does he ? Or he must be tired of all those murdering and bickering stupid moronic totally uneducated ignorant christians and thinks
''Oh my god what have I done ?''
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

XH Ramírez (assumptions)
OF THEM THAT HATE ME. So if u hate God, you are under a gc. Christians who think they're still under a gc do not know or negate the work of Jesus on the cross. (Appeal to popular believe)
· in reply to PakMeiKune01

1. You cannot hate something or someone who does not exist so . God - Jesus do not exist. 2. cursing does not exist 3. There is no Jesus so let alone on the cross. nothing happened . just a story. !
· in reply to XH Ramírez



By the way lucifers light is gone just like the words he spoke.
· in reply to nopackdrill

Lucifers light is gone because Lucifer is just the undergoing sun. Lucifer is just the twin aspect of the Sun as in Jesus is the born Sun and Lucifer or Satan (falsely named and demonized by idiots) is the other aspect of the dying Sun. There for when Jesus ( Sun) died he went to the underworld (hell) the Sun goes down to the underworld and later is born again, this is a everyday cycle ! Thats what it means, just astrotheology. But I know what I mean, I hope some other will read this . !
· in reply to witchcerridwen

Isaiah King
You will never be good enough to earn salvation. You cant afford all the lambs,bulls,and goats to sacrifice for your perpetual sins.
Only foolish religious people think they can earn their way into heaven.
· in reply to jackofalltrades165

jackofalltrades165 (just assumptions on assumptions)
'never be good enough to earn salvation.'
This is true. That is why just men that lived before Jesus went to Abraham's bosom which was a place of rest, where the
souls of the just resided, till Christ had opened heaven by his death.
The just men that resided in Abraham's bosom before Christ did not earn their way to heaven, but they eventually were able to enter heaven because Jesus reconciled them with the Father and gave it to them as a gift.
Wicked men, then, and now, scorch in hell. (fearmongering)
· in reply to Isaiah King

LOL where did you get that BS from ? Abraham did not even exist neither did Jesus ''himself'' its bogus history made up by
Jews for political Jewish supremacy purposes. What a crap. Do first study origin of religion and the bible before commen- ting crap !
· in reply to jackofalltrades165

jackofalltrades165 (just assumptions from a OT text)
Luke 16:22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom. And the rich man also died: and he was buried in hell.
It's true according to the Gospel of Luke and the writings of the Jews and early Christians.
If you don't agree that they are reliable sources, then great. Have a nice life and don't rear your ugly head into other
people's business so that they can have a nice life too.
· in reply to TheRelihunter

LOL Do not cite anything from a book which is a fraud and forgery and invented history. Hell does not exist no evidence for it let alone for whatever is in the bible altogether anyway ! Gospels are written long after the supposed Jesus and secondly
it is not written by a Luke at all ! thirdly the bible does not count as evidence for anything ! No they are obvious and
proven not to be reliable sources thats a fact not an opinion ! Have a nice brainwash ! ·
in reply to jackofalltrades165

Okay, great. Have a nice spiteful life. When you die I reckon the only people weeping at your funeral will be from Rent a
Mourner. LOL
And then if you're lucky you won't join in with the shrieks of Hell that the Siberian miners recorded (just BS) and Sister Faustina attested to and will experience a permanent unconsciousness. (fearmongering)
· in reply to TheRelihunter

Tnx you tested before all the people here you are a ignorant, moron, arrogant, hypocrite, stupid, idiot christian !
Sound from hell from a Siberian miner ? What a joke ! And you believe that shit ? Sister Faustina is BS of the first degree
! You are nuts and take that crapsack with you please ! See christianity is nothing but fearmongering you proved my point !
· in reply to jackofalltrades165

Religion is the belief that, by sticking to a pre determined set of moral rules, one can live their life and when they die, eternally live in peace and happiness.
This belief is good because it stops people from inflicting pain on others. However, the lack of, an up to date set of/or ambiguity of, moral rules means that people can segregate others and inflict pain on them. The bible is supposed to show us these rules. However, because the bible has not been updated, there is no clear cut set o

This is proof of one thing the bible is not the inspired work of a God. No need to update an old book from 2000 years ago, I''ll hope we figured out ''the rules'' for ourselves in the meantime ? Better for people to not read the damn book of fairy tales, myths and forgery's altogether so no one can be hurt by it. ! Leave it for what it is, its not even original anymore anyway !
· in reply to Dialga9187

Daniel Genders 3 weeks ago

To say the Jew's would adopt their enemies, the Egyptian's God is a rather ridiculous claim having no evidence. The "evidence" comes from an American "history" channel that has programs such as "the swamp monster" "big foot" and things about aliens. I would never allow an American source as legit.

I would never allow the bible as a cource as legit or of any authority at all ! So you see I refuted you on your own words ! Do first study in origin of the bible, astrotheology and christianity before giving BS comments and lies.
· in reply to Daniel Genders

To say Jesus was born from virgin, cursed trees, calms the wind, raised the death, healed the blind, resurrected from the death himself and ascended with physical body and all that without any evidence of this claim is a rather ridiculous claim. ! The ''evidence '' comes from a bible which has txt as talking snake, Noach ark with all animals of the earth, magical Moses boxes of gold. talking donkeys, spitting the sea, making snakes from a rod, converting water into wine . etc. I would never
· in reply to Daniel Genders (Show the comment)

A caller wants to debate with Matt Dillahunty, Atheist Experience #750 part 1 / 2

Science acknowledges our 5 senses can render and perceive up to 5% of the known universe. So in 100 years from now when science repositions itself to brainwash more people revising its past claims maybe someone else will utilize true logic and reason in that science will never provided a definitive answer that religion has answered long ago;( ?? ) while special interest groups continue to manipulate the scripture to further an age old agenda outlined in the bible. (??) (Oh the myth and invented history of the Jews and the Jesus myth ? ) Think my friend
· in reply to TheRelihunter

You have to think, I already did my thinking ! I read much about the origin of the bible and your religion and the conclusions you wont like ! I don't even think you know what astrotheology is ! ( no not astrology ! astrotheology)
The bible is a proven myth, its been researched. fraud, forgery, plagiarism, lies, invented history, nonsense, contradictions, myth, astrotheological myths and on and on.
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Religion did not answer anything science did not already answer. The things religion thinks are answers are no answers only assumptions with not a shred of evidence ! Do not come to church for true logic forget it you wont find it in church or the bible or in religion ! Religion has not provided a definitive answer for anything not even a long time ago. I don't know where you get your stupid ideas from ? Age old agenda ? Yep the agenda of the Jewish folks to invent their own history !
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Look at a history book. Science changes its tune all the time. Science relies on the burden of proof however the words connotation and mental rigidity implodes upon itself because the burden of proof is revised. the word becomes non absolute which in itself negates itself. If you believe something that has a shroud of technicality you're unable to examine and question the deeper levels of thought, psychology, and philosophy. Simply put science says we think we know, but check back tomorrow.
· in reply to TheRelihunter

Did you do yourself what you say we have to do ? Did you check the claims made in your religion ie. the bible ? I don't think you did. You do those claims therefor the burden of proof is on you ! You contradict yourself and that is a fallacy all christians make and not the only one. The number 1 fallacy is circular reasoning, 2. appealing to popular believe - numbers 3 False logic. etc..
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Arguing the existence of Jesus is how you know an atheist is seriously unsophisticated and truly does not care for the evidence and chooses to believe whatever popular atheists like Dawkins have to say, or simply does not follow the evidence where it leads. You people need to stop it. No serious scholar in the field of ancient history believes Jesus did not exist.

You've got it all wrong ! The burden of proof is on the believer and that is you, show some sophistication of your side and give us the evidence for the existence of God , the history in the bible and Jesus.. if its easy for you we would like that evidence untill than do not talk about anything you apperantly do not understand ! We do follow the evidence and it leads to the conclusion that all your arguments are false claims and that there is no evidence for the claims you make.
· in reply to PhoenixMarco5

Christians do not dispute the Dinosaurs.. We just know the TRUTH and all others still have not found it. The Dinosaurs lived during the time between Adam and the Flood.. The TRUTH is always the TRUTH whether you have fond it or not! You will not ever find it unless you truly seek it from deep within your heart and soul. There is a very intelligent EVIL being doing his best to keep man's eyes closed to the truth, and anyone who does not realize this is just flat in the dark and does not yet know!
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Wow LOL ROFL ROFL ''We just know the TRUTH and all others still have not found it.'' LOL oh please stop I can't handle that much humor ! Between Adam and the Flood ? Both did not exist, its a myth. Oh man you are brainwashed into the extreme ! Who gave you those ideas ? There is not any mention of dino's in the bible or did you listen to that Kent and Eric Hovind idiots ?
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YT channel The Good News in reply to misstories.

Re:the greatest lie ever told
Have you read the Bible for yourself? Do you understand the overall message of the Bible to be able to claim that it is false? You say you know that Jesus is a myth? Be honest with yourself. Do you really know that beyond any doubt? You say science doesn't lie. Do men lie? I do look into what other religions believe. None of them believe what true Christianity teaches. Can you tell me what I as a Christian believe? Your recommending books written by men. How do you know they are telling the truth? You say there are "impossibilities all over the place" within the Bible, yet what is impossible for God if He exists and is the author of the Bible? You say certain people are the "worst deceivers" and "worst brainwashed morons" yet if God does not exist how can you possibly say this? After all you are acting like you have some kind of moral law built within you as you believe there is such a thing as right and wrong? If God doesn't exist then there is no right and wrong. It's as simple as that. Are you sure it isn't you that needs to wake up? You end by telling me to "trust you" but give me one good reason why I should trust a man who is fully capable of lying to me? Incase you haven't noticed the whole world is corrupt and falling apart at the seams. You and I are both a part of it. I don't even trust myself but I trust that God by His Holy Spirit will reveal what is true to me through His word. Other than that I will trust no man fully, for all are as capable of evil as each other.
May God bring you to the truth of His word.

Reply 1 from the relihunter
cont.. Yep I understand the overall message of the bible to be able to claim that it is false. Its based on myth and allegory and its astrotheological and has nothing to do with God or a Jesus let alone of Satan all of them do not exist. Yep I am honest to myself, I did enough study on the topic to know I am right. I am only using rational thinking and common sense and facts and not faith which is believing without reasoning which is worthless. I don´t think if their was a real God he wanted us to believe without reasoning and questioning thats not the purpose of us humans in the universe is it ? Yep I know that what I say beyond any doubt, research found this out, the very research and facts the christians deny ! Indeed science itself does not lie, maybe some scientist lie about something now and than, christians do it already for 2000 years never mind the Jews who are masters of fantasy, which is maybe the reason why Hollywood is full of them like Spielberg etc. Those people I recommended did years of honest research into the subject and I understand fully what they are talking about. Yep I know what christians believe. Where do you have evidence the bible is written by God ? The bible itself is not evidence of anything or anybody. Do not use the fallacy´s you just made one Fallacy nr 1 Circular evidence / begging the question. By the way the bible itself is the best evidence given the scripture that it was not inspired by a God. Do read the bible yourself with an unbiased view and objective point than you´ll know what I mean. What has right and wrong morality to do with a God ? The fact is nothing and you do not have any evidence for it to be connected to a God and certainly not to a God as christians portrait it to be thats for sure. Right and wrong has nothing to do with a God its that simple. You are only assuming that is the case because you want to defend you believe. Start by not making so many fallacy´s please ! I do not lie to you that is my word to you and I do not swear as you on your book of lies for that is BS. Swearing the truth on a book of lies ? Makes no sense does it ? Do not only trust me on my word, try to understand what I am talking about and do study the books I recommended it worth to try and again trust me or are you too scarred to read some other material skeptic to your view .. the bible ? ´´God´´ does not reveal anything to you for live is here for you to study, learn, experience it and find out for yourself what its all about, its not for someone to lean on a non existing invisible sky daddy for which is not even evidence at all. By the way which word do you mean ? See another fallacy Assumptions. The bible is no proof of God because the bible says so that is an circular reasoning and will take you nowhere. Do not make the mistake to use those fallacy´s while discussing and debating your arguments with non believers or Atheist because you certainly will lose !
There is no truth in the bible only myth made up by men mostly men not women because christians and church denies women for some inexplicable reason for those older myth were nothing but talking about Goddesses in the first place..

Reply 2 from the relihunter.
I read parts of the bible yep for the rest I read about research done by scholars in myth and astrotheology who are excellent in explaining all whats in it. The bible is not to be taken literal but allegoric, mythological and symbolicaly. The myth is starting already in Genesis Adam and Eve and snake do not exist, no Cain and Abel, Noach is Gilgames epos, Abraham and Sarah do not exist its allegorical and meant to be some sort of conflict story and historically its nonsense. Exodus and Moses story never happened story is based on Egyptian myths in bits and pieces and no historical archaeological evidence, the find of some chariots on a sand bank does not validate the Moses exodus and certainly not a Hebrew slave exodus, no such thing did happen. The Jews concocted their own history from Myths and fantasy in the 6th century bc when in exile by Babylonians. Moses did not wrote anything. The 10 commandments are from The Egyptian book of the dead and the Ark is just an ancient Egyptian technology and symbolic. The so called prophecies are written afterwards its more a wishful thinking thingy. Jesus is never predicted in the OT. Jesus and the whole story around ´´him´´ including all the characters are myth characters in a mystery play as you will a play which will be understood by initiates into the Egyptian mysteries. This gnostic knew it was a myth for special purpose but finally the christians added to the myth and took it literal and historical but it never was and never was intended to be understood as historical. Jesus and the characters were just aspects of the Sun and the stars in the zodiac and the whole thing is a astrotheological myth as such which is a beautiful myth in its original setting, its a pity they destroyed it ! So the whole bible is based on myth they stole from Sumerian and Egypt tales and myths which has been proven by research. Christians do not study origin of bible and their religion and therefore do not understand all of this.
Do study Uffington the greatest lie ever told ( the very lie christianity keeps spreading) and when you are finished with his book start to read ALL the material by Acharya S than but only than you would know what I am talking about.
I wish you good luck with your study and see you in about 2 years !

The Good News to relihunter
Re:the greatest lie ever told
You know what then... If you don't believe in God, and you don't believe there's any consequence for sin, go have your fill of the world. For you'll only be here the once after all. Don't waste anymore of your precious time trying to convince me that my beliefs are wrong. Go live your life, for what is it but a vapour. That's what I find sad about atheists and the like. Before I was a Christian I took my fill of the world. I didn't waste my time trying to help others, why would I do that, I only had one life to live for myself. I lived like there was no God and filled myself with the pleasures of the world. In the end they only left me empty and unsatisfied. Go take your fill of all the world has to offer, but know you will never be content. And afterward the judgement will come.
I don't want you to perish in your sin. Turn to Christ and live.

Relihunter to The Good News
No why should I have ´´my fill of the world´´ ? We humans have natural morals. Don´t waste anymore of your precious time trying to convince me that your beliefs are right ! You better make use of that time to study your religion from a more objective p.o.v. but since you are brainwashed too far this will be an enormous feat.
Live is not a vapour, we experience all kinds of things in our live and learn along the way.
Do not come with the usual emotional crap like ´´ before I was a christian I was an Atheist .. yadi yadi bladibla bla shit´´ thats appealing to emotion fallacy and I do not fall for your using of fallacys I spot them all the time. Oh I help other all the time why should I not try others when they have a problem, computer broke or need an helping hand so that has nothing to do with religious or non religious. There is not even a God. That you found your live empty and unsatisfied is the way you felt it thats not our problem, shit happens and its not connected to religion. Religion gives only a placebo effect thats all after you have been brainwashed by other from church or by yourself anyway its BS. There will never be a judgment for that is a invention by church and made up ! All church talk about is made up by men to deceive and that is proven ! Christ does not exist nor a Jesus nor the rest of the biblical charachters for it is just a man made story. Do your homework you wasted the last couple of hours to write this BS to me ? I do not follow your advice I am not an ignorant, arrogant, hypocritical, uneducated dumb not free thinking pesky christian !

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Dorkus McGorkus

Dorkus McGorkus 1 week ago

1 Corinthians 1:21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.


TheRelihunter 1 second ago

Not important, just sentences written by humans in the name of their man made figur in the sky, and nonexisting of course. Do not use the bible as proof cause you will fail big time ! Do not use bible in defence of your religious viewpoint it wont work ! Do however study origin of bible and religion and astrotheology
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Dale65378 .

Dale65378 . 1 week ago

The Bible Say's In Revelation 1:1

King James Version (KJV)

1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

/ Me Quote Me Saying God talks to People God reveals himself to us though his word


TheRelihunter 1 second ago

Oh LOL serious ? You must be one of the dumbest christians around ? Citing bible does not mean a thing neither is it proof of anything or anybody on the contrary it gives food for statements of the opposite. There is no God in the bible and therefore there is no Jesus C died on a cross for our sins, which is absolute the biggest nonsense ever told on earth ! ´´Me Quote Me Saying God talks to People God reveals himself to us though his word´´ circular reasoning fallacy ! Why do you make it ?
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The Bible Unearthed 3. The Kings

heridan dalgetty
When I see how you people would write against Israel with the Palestinians I can see how you do not know the real truth about that lands and what the Creator of Heaven & Earth say & did for Israel & if Israel had obey Yahweh none of this would be going on the would had put them out from the start but because of disobeying Yahweh now this is the consequences the are facing & give people like you & other to come on you tube & talk dark saying with no evidence of the truth of this matter that evil
· in reply to Rikk Glassbrook

You do not even know what you are talking about ! There is no creator of heaven and earth so nothing was said by it let alone in the bible, which was written by man only not inspired by a (non existing ) God . The Jews concocted their ''history'' out of myth and its pure fantasy ! You can stay there with the bible in your hand with a white collar but you do not even know what you are talking about ! learn astrotheology. christian religion is BS which is proven to be so.
· in reply to sheridan dalgetty

sheridan dalgetty
I will prove to they whole world that you are a dumb e Question what is ungodliness??? and what is unrighteousness??? you have to give three answer for each Question, I will be waiting for your answer, do not come back to me with nothing ease but they answer for my Question, you come to discredit my Heavenly Father word wrong man you come to you little devil, you give me so much more Question from your own writing but My Saviour say to stop your evil mouth from lying about his creation I lie not
· in reply to TheRelihunter

sheridan dalgetty
I told you I give you two Question I am waiting for your answer, a true arstotheology would answer my Question but you are a pork knocker who is just look for gold, wrong man you come to little devil, I can stand and walk any way I go with my Bible because I know about it that it is truth, evidence you drink tablets I do not drink no tablets you go to doctor I do not go to doctor through living to what they word of almighty God word say I am heal from all sickness God hate sin & sinner & lair

No I do not answer your questions they are not answerable and not relevant either. Those concepts are just man made and I am not interested in those concepts.Your just an ignorant fool there is no almighty Gods word. No you do not heal from all sickness. In fact you are already sick when you believe in that crap ! God does not exist dumb christian. Devil as I explained to you in previous reply comes from myth.What part of that reply did you not understand ? All your arguments and bla irrelevant
· in reply to sheridan dalgetty
sheridan dalgetty
Your life is in trouble let me tel you how you condemn yourselves with your own word it is call in they site of almighty God blasphemy for not worshiping they Creator of Heaven and earth who is Yahweh God, that is why you are given up to a reprobate mind to say they things you are saying that why you cannot put a picture for people to see who is talking these dark and dumb saying it is only Atheist like yourselves will believe your evil saying your writing full of Question with no answer sad
in reply to TheRelihunter

First of all learn to write English ! No trouble at all with speaking the truth ! By the way your comment is full of rubbish its not even proper English and I don't know if you speak like that in church I don't think people will understand you or follow what you are saying. Christians are the # 1 blasphemers they invented it ! There is not a creator of heaven and earth. The earth is formed out of the sun like all planets and the universe is due to astronomical processes.
· in reply to sheridan dalgetty
Come back if you comment in proper English style not in gibberish style and secondly its not even truth what you say. If this is all you got, hm I expect more from a pastor or whatever sort of brainwashing figure of the institution you call church which is nothing else than an offshoot of pagan sun cult mystery school secret society like the Masons and Islam with the not so holy Quran. LOL ROFL. Who did this brainwashing to you ? I am sorry for you , you are lost
· in reply to sheridan dalgetty

28.Evolution 'Theory' is called 'Evolution 'Theory' because it is NOT proven!
29.Creationism = YOU are created, and everything that supports your life was created for YOU! It is no accident and impossible for it to have happened spontaneously without design, because before conditions were 'just right' the species would die out!!?
27. If you had actually read the Bible, which you admit you havn't, you would see it is Truth!!
26. Satan is the joker, the mimicker, the deceiver! His objective is to put himself in the place of Jesus, and be worshipped instead of him!
24. Here is where you come unstuck - the Bible tells us NOT to worship celestial bodies, and forbids us to create idols and things related to that! The Zeitgeist Lie is debunked on this fact as well as the Catholic fallacies that it has tried to align true Christianity with, to further their cause to fool you!
23. These 'stories', and 'so called' mythology, have been taken as such even by Christians themselves - but now it has been revealed that they should be read as 'Fact'! especially relating to the Giants (Nephilim - Fallen Ones) who existed on the earth!! There is Proof of this, but it is hidden from the masses!
The rest are relating to the Zeitgeist sentiment again, and you would do well to watch the rebuttal vidoes to see that they do not apply to the Biblical content - no nativity, star was 'celestial' and relating to Satan trying to have Jesus destroyed - hence why Herod sent for all children under 2 to be destroyed! and 'the whore of Babylon' - The Vatican/Catholicism who practise these pagan traditions - NOT those who read/know their Bibles!
Then the question should be - Why do they portray themselves as the believers of Christ in the Bible, while propagating the opposite!!???Hmmm, red flag here! Why would they want/need to deceive the believers, why do they run the world and are behind the Governments and Monarchies of the world, and have their masonic minions behind major churches with influence - in secret - unless you are awake! Why is that same hand in my sons school system!? In whose interest is it that this be so!? WHy are Christians now being demonized and such a Big effort to 'debunk' the Bible and what it preaches!?
And why do you think that you yourself would quite happily believe that 'Aliens' - as portrayed by the enter and taint men industries - are real and you would quite happily believe in them, and not your creator! Could this be by design? Jonathan Kleck You Tube Videos will prove to you that this is the case. He shows the subliminal messages in logo's/symbols/tv programming....etc that you are bombarded with on a daily basis, that make you think the way you do! There is no denying it once you see it, and you will see 'it' everyday! This is to awaken you! The Bible is designed to wake you up from this world, but you are unfortunately too asleep! I was brought up as a New Ager, My husband a Catholic! We 'see' now!

A 2000 + year old book had prophecied these end times and upcoming events to forewarn us to be ready! and we are!

There is no interest for me to make you 'believe'! I have no agenda, I am not going to kill you, threaten you, imprison you if you don't believe what I am trying to reveal to you!
However, Christians will be, and are being treated as such! We are a threat - a threat to the system of this world and its ruler! Do not receive the Mark of the Beast, 'that ye may neither be able to buy or sell lest you have the mark'! This is a prophecy relating to the Anti Christs final attack on Yahweh's creation! It will be to your peril! I fear it is too late for you!
Sent to: TheRelihunter by Mel O

Reply by TheRelihunter

Mel O
Re:The facts you ignore
Yep you have an agenda and that agenda is to spread disinformation and lies for all you ramble about your religion is one big proven lie !
Probably you believe this shit so it is unwittingly lying but its still a lie what you spread. There is no such thing as the mark of the beast !
I fear it is too late for you to become a normal non brainwashed freethinking acting and thinking rational human...
There is no prophecy in the bible let alone things came truth. I can do all sorts of prophecy for the future . also things which will come truth in about 2000 years . so nothing special about that.

28 No its not called theory because it is not proven ! Evolution is proven !
27 Since when is anything written in the bible truth, on what ground is it truth ? Bible is written by man not inspired by a God the bible itself is the best evidence for that. Fallacy: circular reasoning you should not use that for thats a big fail in your part. !
29 Creationism is just an idea its not even a theory in science sense and is not proven ! ''accident and impossible for it to have happened spontaneously without design, because before conditions were 'just right' the species would die out'' So how would you know this would be the case ?
26 The devil and Satan is just a human concept derived from astrotheological myth where Horus and Seth his twin brother are aspects of the rising and dying sun (in underworld) Who are you trying to fool, I did my homework you should be doing before you started to belief your shit!
24 Yep written by man in the bible in NT done by christians for plausible deniability reasons and to make sure people are scarred and than would come to their church instead of the concurrent. Does not impress me much your argument. Not at all. Its only proof you do not understand those things at all. You are dumb. Use your brain please but you can't for you are brainwashed.

Herod in the gospels ? Yep there you have it its only in the gospels a fraud story, just a story does not proof anything and is already debunked. Zeitgeist is not debunked but they think it is the debunkers are already debunked likewise.
Yea right Nephilim giants are proven ? Man you are deluded.

I am not even going to further adress your stupid lies and rants you wrote for I heard those apologies many times before and they are not even valid ! I do not know where you get those ideas from ? Oh your church and the bible itself , hm it figures.
You do not know what you are talking about ! Illuminati symbols and all of that yep don't tell me I am against it and knew those things already in 1994.

You are brainwashed into your believe system a believe system which in itself is a conspiracy the greatest lie ever sold and told and its funny that it is an offshoot from pagan sun worshipping cult via Rome to christianity . likewise the Masons and Illuminati which are the upper class masons and templars and what have you. Even the Islam comes from pagan beliefs.
You've been had ! Do your homework first and study origin of bible and the myths its made of.
But tnx for the page of stupid apologetic nonsense. You proved my point.. I rest my case.. I debunk every argument you make..
Sent to: Mel O

Do you honestly think I have not heard all this garbage before? Nothing you say is a surprise to me. What I say is a surprise to you though ...isn't it? honest......Astrotheology?.........BULLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!...... . What history does it have?...What proof do you have for it? Don't give me that Horus...Mithra..Whatever BULLLLLLLLL!!!....You know that crap to be fact ?....Do You?..OH!!........HOW???????...Your argument that the Bible is a book written by man......Is a dead give away....That you don't know anything. I'm not your enemy.You are not going to tell me anything I don't know...How do I know the truth?...Because I'm so much wiser than you?.......No!..He revealed it to me....Why don't you know the truth?...Blessed are you who have not seen...yet you believe...Let me get this strait...If you can wrap your mind around God...Then you will believe?........Good luck with that......No serious historian will argue that Jesus wasn't a historical person....No...They won't...If you try to argue otherwise.......You show yourself a fool....

reply to avoicefromafar
OH man you are definitely insane and delusional. Dont use drugs please ! Wiser ? Oh dont let me laugh please ! NO nothing you say is a surprise to me in fact you did not say anything relevant anyway, and certainly no proof of anything. Astrotheology pagan sunworshipping from observing the stars, moon, sun planets and the zodiac has an history and is know over thousands of years in history which is proven. What does the sun cross and obelisk on the vatican plaza ? Because it is pagan sun worshipping symbolism . Nothing Bull to it just the facts. The bible is written by man is a fact who else wrote it the Aliens or the smurfs ? I know enough believe me. You are likewise not gone tell me anything I do not know of relevance that is. Nobody revealed anything to you and certainly no he or ''HE'' as in God or Jesus ? What an illusion and a crap, liar ! You are just an idiot. As ever with your comments nothing word to read in it, nothing of relevance but pure crap and lies !