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Silly youtube comments on religious topics.

TheWatchman144k... LOL you fail retard :) black people did not exist in time of Jesus dumbass! Jesus was not around in 15th century because he was born way before Earth was created. Do you know who created animals and humans ? it was Jesus who created us after he did Earth and universe. so wake up fake boy.

blabberworld 3 weken geleden

Oh just another dumbass. Jesus created before earth ? Oh who made you believe such a nonsense ? Laws of nature interacting with energy = matter formed what we see all around us. Jesus was human fake boy yourself. dont spread disinformation. IQ of less than 100 ? Hm lets see that makes you an idiot does nt it according to IQ science this is. well ..that says it all.

The argument of Jesus's skin colour is a waste of energy. Only half of His dna was of terrestrial origin. Go argue with the almighty himself, besides it wouldn't matter if He was black as coal, He is still our Lord and saviour. Amen

Aussiesucks 3 weken geleden

Pardon ? Are you mad ? Who told you this fantasy ? I am not argue with an not existing almighty I argue with church who told lies and doctrine and made you believe this nonsense by brainwashing you and the rest. Jesus is human not even Lord or savior not even close. yep you suck Aussie.

Jesus is a black man born in nazareth and Taken to egypt

TheDavidedmond in reactie op eblanco78 (De reactie weergeven) 6 dagen geleden

Born in Nazareth ? ha ha not even close Nazareth did not exist in his birth time and secondly the bible states he was born in or around (cave) in Bethlehem. The name Nazareth is falsifying. its states in the original txt Jesus the Nazorite or Nazarene which refers to a sekt and not to a name of a place. nor does Arimathea and Magdalena refer to a place but a status designation of the person. Do first research before commenting. read Gardner's books.

TheRelihunter in reactie op TheDavidedmond 1 seconde geleden

Thanks! So are you! I guess I should have typed, GOLDEN BROWN!! All I think is he wasn't WHITE, with blond hair and blue eyes! All Hebrew Israelites were black,brown or of color! Have you ever heard of "The BLACK Madonna?" Have you seen the image of YESHUA with his disciples from ROME circa 300AD! Do you do think that Ethiopians or Egyptians or Hebrew Isralites are white? Do you think Mariam, Joseph,& Yeshua were able to escape King Herod and hide among the EGYPTIANS if they were white! SELAMTA!

yesak789 in reactie op nakyer (De reactie weergeven) 2 weken geleden

Black Madonna has nothing to do with a black skinned person. It is referring to Maria Magdalena when she was in the Gaul in France with her 3 kids she got from Jesus who was married to her, no I did not get this from Davinci code. They were not pure white nor pure black more light brown colored. Blacks live in Africa.

TheRelihunter in reactie op yesak789 1 seconde geleden

the reason these racists must declare that Jesus -Yeshua was black is so as to support the doctrines of demons that they have placed their faith upon. Jesus was in the beginning with The Father and came through Israel and David to redeem mankind. The sinners have not repented, but have turned, with itching ears, to those teachers who feed their flesh. there is no redemption to those who do not hear from The Christ in the spirit.

uvideosu in reactie op gregrutz (De reactie weergeven) 1 week geleden

You can spread that bullshit your whole live but that does not make it true. Jesus was human not from a ''Father God'' , Redeeming does not exist cause thats an invention by church. Sin does not exist, devil and Satan and Angels do not exist. Your an absolute idiot. I declare ! Do your study first before commenting nonsense and this goes for all those idiots like you.

TheRelihunter in reactie op uvideosu 1 seconde geleden

@academysounds, who said:"There is sufficient evidence to prove that he did not die. 'Faking Death' to create a 'god' was common in those days. The tribesmen of Afganistan still speak of the holy man of Israel that came to him." Ok, if he died later like Lazarus well he is human and Jesus is NOT RETURNING because he died a natural death later. Of course, the Quran also says this but then again I am no longer a Muslim. The LOGIC is still sound though.

cris750 1 week geleden

So I hope I have explained it well especially for those uneducated Christians.

TheRelihunter in reactie op cris750 1 seconde geleden

Jesus is not returning, thats right as it can be. He left only to travel and come back after some years to M Magdalena who was his wife with kid(s). The ascension was a ritual and was only a symbolic spiritual ascension, there did not happen anything not with his spirit not with his physical body. You can not ascend with a physical body anyway, its simply not even possible only your spirit can if your body is dead or in a NDE and or OBE but thats something different.

TheRelihunter in reactie op cris750 1 seconde geleden

continued Lazarus did not die at all in that setup. he was excomunicated by priest and ''sentenced to death'' and was alive all the time in the tomb. Read the gospel and you will read that he shouted to Jesus who was walking to the tomb. Jesus knew he was not dead he didnt even bother to think and to act like Lazarus was dead because he was not, not even close. The raising of Lazarus was symbolical ''raising of dead'' not physical at all. So no miracle here, forget it. No miracles in the bibl

TheRelihunter in reactie op cris750 1 seconde geleden

Exactly ! Jesus did not die on the cross because he was poisoned from vinegar, soon after that event he gave ''the ghost'' he was in coma, not dead ! As he predicted because he and his mate set it up he woke up from coma and came out of the cave thats all.What is so difficult to understand ? He did indeed not resurrected which is impossible when really dead ( not only clinicaor coma) and so also not ascended which was a priestly ritual on olive mountain and was not a physical ascension.

TheRelihunter in reactie op cris750 1 seconde geleden

have you devoted your self to our creator the same way you devoted your self to Jesus? have you forgotten about our Beloved Creator?

TwinFlameify in reactie op Alice Felicia (De reactie weergeven) 4 dagen geleden

There is no beloved creator nor is Jesus one of him and not even God. God does not exist the way its portrait in the bible or otherwise. Why do you believe this nonsense ? The only miracle is why people believe this shit. Oh what a tangled web the church weaved. Its the falt of the (Catolic) church and the councils after Christ who make you believe this nonsense.

TheRelihunter in reactie op TwinFlameify 1 seconde geleden

Did I say that we all looked like GOD,

Genesis 1

26 God said, Let Us [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness, and let them have complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the [tame] beasts, and over all of the earth, and over everything that creeps upon the earth.

27 So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; male and female He created them

hannahr77 in reactie op katia6187 (De reactie weergeven) 13 uur geleden

God did not said anything. It was the hebrew Jews who wrote this Genesis chapter. By the way they picked a 4000 years older myth from Sumerian origin and changed it so the were fraudsters !

TheRelihunter in reactie op hannahr77 1 seconde geleden