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Ahmed Osman
Ahmed Osman-Christianity An Ancient Egyptian Religion. cover more info
Ahmed Osman-Out of Egypt: The Roots of Christianity Revealed. cover more info
Ahmed Osman-Christian Roots In The Alexandrian Cult Of Serapis (2001).pdf ebook
Ahmed Osman-The Ten Commandments (2001).pdf ebook
Ahmed Osman-Christianity Ancient Egyptian Religion.pdf

Arnold E. Lemke
Arnold E. Lemke-The Shroud of Turin.pdf

Asimov-12 Pyramids of Thoth , preface, p2 3 10 . pdf ebook
Asimov-Guide to the Bible, Vol. 1, TOT (1981).pdf ebook cover more info
Asimov-On Science and the Bible int1982.pdf

Brill -The Land of Israel in Bible, History, and Theology2009.pdf cover more info

C.J. Werleman
Werleman-Jesus Lied, He was Only Human; Debunking the NT (2010).epub ebook more info
Werleman-God Hates You, Hate Him Back; Making Sense of The Bible (2009).pdf more info read online

Casper J Labuschagne
Casper J Labuschagne-Numerical Secrets of the Bible-Rediscovering the Bible Codes.pdf 2000 cover more info

Christopher Hitchens
Christopher Hitchens-God is Not Great.pdf ebook ( pdf, mobi, epub) 2009 more info

Darrell L Bock
Darrell L Bock-Breaking the Da Vinci Code.pdf

Dennis J. McLelland
Dennis J. McLelland-The Rapture According to the Apostle Paul.pdf cover online reading

Doriel-The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean.pdf cover 2006
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean (Audio) by Josh Reeves.mp3

Douglas B. Sharp
Douglas B. Sharp-The Revolution Against Evolution.pdf 93 cover more info

Douglas S. Winnail
Douglas S. Winnail-The Bible Fact or Fiction.pdf

Earl Doherty
Earl Doherty-The Jesus Puzzle=Did Christianity Begin With a Mythical Christ (1999).pdf

Earl Doherty-Jesus Neither God Nor Man=The Case for a Mythical Jesus.pdf cover

Erich von Fange
Erich von Fange-Time Upside Down.pdf 81 Forbidden archeology

Elum Mizell Russell
Elum Mizell Russell-Evolution and the Bible.pdf online reading

Ellen G White
Ellen G White-The great controversie.pdf (note: nonsense !) cover more info online reading of her books

Floyd Nolan Jones
Floyd Nolan Jones-Which Version is the Bible-.pdf cover 99 more info

Fred Steckling
Fred Steckling-Alien Bases on the Moon.pdf cover Space Alien
- Documented with 125 NASA photographs and area blowups

G_d-The Sumerian Swindle How the Jews Betrayed Mankind Volume I cover Sumerian epics read online

Gladden Washington
Gladden Washington -Who Wrote The Bible.pdf cover 2010 more info read online

Hank Hanegraaf
Hank Hanegraaf-Has God spoken? cover

Henry Binkley Stein
Henry Binkley Stein-Thirty Thousand Gods Before Jehovah.pdf 98
( more info

Hitlon Hotema
Hitlon Hotema-Mystery Man of the Bible.pdf 1959 cover
( more info

Hoagland & Bara-Dark Mission,Secret History of NASA (07).pdf cover Space
( more info

Hull R.
Hull-The Story of the New Testament Text.pdf cover bible study
This volume tells the story of the New Testament text from the earliest copies to the latest scholarly editions in Greek. more info

Israel Finkelstein cover
Israel Finkelstein-The Bible Unearthed Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts more info read online

James-The Lost Apocrypha of the Old Testament (1920).pdf cover more info

John Argubright
John Argubright-Bible believers archaeology.pdf 2002 cover Bible archeology
( more info read online

Joseph Lewis
Joseph Lewis-The Bible Unmasked.pdf cover
( more info

Joseph P Macchio
Joseph P Macchio-The Christian Conspiracy.pdf

Joseph Weless
Joseph Wheless-Gods word.pdf 2007 cover
( more info

JW Burgon
JW Burgon-Causes of Bible Corruption.pdf cover

Karen L King
Karen L King-The Gospel of Mary Magdala.pdf cover 2003

Kwame Nantambu
Kwame Nantambu-Ancient Egyptians wrote the Holy Bible.pdf 3page read online

L.T Townsend
L.T Townsend-The bible in the 19century.pdf cover more info

Latvus-God, Anger and Ideology; The Anger of God (1998).pdf cover more info

Maktaba-101 Contradictions In The Bible.pdf

MemphisDavwa-Who Wrote the Quran.pdf

P R. Davies
P R. Davies-The Historian and the Bible.pdf 2010 cover more info

Perrin-Lost in Transmission(2007).pdf cover more info

Peter Williams
Peter Williams-Religion as Myth Master.pdf cover
origins of faith and religion as it evolved through abuse and abusiveness into the monolithic confidence trick it presents to humankind today read online

Quigley-The Evolution of Civilizations=Historical Analysis (1979).pdf cover more info

R E. Friedman
R E. Friedman-The Bible With Sources Revealed (2003).PDF cover more info

Rahn-Crusade Against the Grail.pdf cover 2009 more info

Rajak T
Rajak-Translation and Survival; (2009).pdf cover

Richard B. Sorensen
Richard B. Sorensen-Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.pdf

Robert H. Eisenman
Robert Eiseman-New Testament Code Ch1.pdf cover more info
Robert Eiseman-Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered.pdf cover more info
Robert Eiseman-James the Brother of Jesus (damaged.pdf) more info

Ronald Weinland
Ronald Weinland-De geprofeteerde eindtijd.pdf Dutch
Ronald Weinland-Gods Final Witness.pdf 2006 cover more info
Ronald Weinland-Gods laatste getuigenis 08.pdf dutch
Ronald Weinland-Prophesied end time.pdf cover more info

Russ Kicks
Russ Kicks-Everything You Know About God Is Wrong.pdf 2007 cover more info

Stanford E Murrell
Stanford E Murrell-Bible OT Bible as History Genesis.pdf read online

Stone-Noah and his Books (2010).pdf cover
In a collection of original essays, this book offers new insights on the question of the lost book of Noah, as well as studies of Noah's figure in postbiblical literature.

Ryan J McMillen
Ryan J McMillen-Space rapture.pdf

Tsumura-The Earth & the Waters in Genesis 1 & 2.pdf cover

TW Doane
TW Doane-Bible Myths and Their Parallels.pdf covers 2x more info

Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine-Bible is Fraud read online
Thomas Paine-The age of Reason.pdf cover read online
Thomas Paine-Existence Of God.pdf read online

Thomas R Wolfe
Thomas R Wolfe-The Gospel of Thomas.pdf

William Henry
William Henry-A brief commentary on Heiser Sitchin.pdf
William Henry-Ark of the Christos the mythology.pdf

William West
The Rapture And Israel