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Internet web radio shows

Truth Hertz Radio

Host: Charles Giuliani
Other: Chatroom
Archives: Truth hertz radio archives
Youtube channel:
RSS feed: Truth Hertz radio feed
Info: For believers very disturbing and thought provoking anti-Bible-religion radio but go ahead and listen if you dare you might wake up and learn something.
The host dares to speak up against this fraudulent religion and quotes many contradictory and evil speak verses.

Latest broadcasts:

Friday, April 06, The Jews behind the militant homosexual movement.
Thursday, April 05, The completion of the discussion on the self-debasing message of the bible.
Wednesday, April 04, The self-debasing message of the bible, Part 2.
Tuesday, April 03, Interview with Ognir from about the Toulouse false flag operation last month.
Monday, April 02, The self-debasing message of the bible.

See archives for more great anti bible shows.

''The bible is primitive tribal folklore''

Charles Giuliani

Red ice creations

Red ice creations

Host: Henrik Palmgren
Other: Red ice tv
Archives: Red ice radio archives

Latest broadcasts:

Marty Leeds - Hour 1 - Pi & The Alchemical Marriage
Marty Leeds - Hour 2 - The Esoteric Side of Numbers & The Numerical Matrix
April 8, 2012
Mike Cross - Hour 1 - Philosophy of a Psychopathic Society
Mike Cross - Hour 2 - Template of Conformity & The Psychopath’s Utopia
April 5, 2012
Håkan Blomqvist - Hour 1 - Richard Höglund's Strange Alien Encounter
Håkan Blomqvist - Hour 2 - Richard Höglund's Strange Alien Encounter
April 1, 2012

(note: hour 2 subscribers only)

Coast to coast

Host: George Noory
Youtube channel: