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Piece of the cross

Was the cross of Jesus found? According to archaeologists working in an ancient church in Turkey, a piece of the cross Jesus Christ was crucified on was discovered by accident, according to an August 2 Today video news report.

The discovery of a piece of Jesus' cross was found while a group dug in seventh century Balatlar Church, located in Sinop.

Apparently, a chest was found and among other ancient items, dating back four centuries ago, was a fragment that is believed to be a broken off piece of Christ's cross.

The items or relics are believed to have been kept by a "holy" person.

While excavating the ancient Balatlar Church, a seventh-century building in Sinop, Turkey, on the shores of the Black Sea, they uncovered a stone chest that contained objects that may be directly connected with Jesus Christ.

"We have found a holy thing in a chest. It is a piece of a cross, and we think it was [part of the cross on which Jesus was crucified]. This stone chest is very important to us. It has a history and is the most important artifact we have unearthed so far," said Professor Gülgün Köroğlu, head of the excavation.

The piece believed to be Jesus' cross was found among in a place rich with historical finds, which are part of much debate.

Nonetheless, the item was sent to a lab for testing and dating.

Some skeptics say that items found over the years are part of lore and there is little evidence to support any of it points to the Son of God.

However, those close to the archaeological dig believe the cross of Jesus found is authentic and proof that Christ lived, died and was resurrected as the Bible goes.
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