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On this page a kind of blog, merely a bunch of draft text, various comments, email conversations, quotes and things which came up in my mind.
Maybe stuff on this page is useable in another story or page.

I put source reminders between ( brackets).

The bible is a freak show and christianity is in it ! The bible is already debunked as such that it is not what the christians make of it. I did enough reading in almost 2 years to know what to make of it. I beat every argument a christian makes, its quit easy actually cause you have to know your basic stuff about the basis of it and the concepts and that its myth, astrotheological, allegory, fraud, forgery, stolen scripture and artefacts, etc. If you have this basic set of knowledge than you can argue with any christian. Most of what christians come up with is not relevant anyway for the case of the argument and discussion. But I wont tell the ''secret '' of it all to a christian, he wouldn't understand it anyway !

(Reply to USA (noach ark)

So and what about cartoon, music videos with Masonic and occult symbols ? What has that to do with anything ? Did you think I did not know of all that stuff or what ? What has a secret society to do with God, Satan or Jesus or christianity at all ? They are all a bunch of losers and are sick and they think they get power out of that stuff, no they do not get power of any kind out of that stuff, its all made up BS and invented rituals and as long as nobody is hurt or brainwashed or murdered and abused let them have the club ! The same goes for the other freakshow called christianity, Catholics and Islam all based on man made myth and BS and crap.
YOU do not even know what you are talking about brainwashed loser you are ! Oh by the way praying wont help you thats for sure ! I only follow the truth not the christian lies and deception !
So for now fuck off and shut you mouth and do some study of religion origin and of the origin of bible and astrotheology stuff and find out what reality is. Get a life stay out of the church with those pathetic preachers and their stolen symbols and uses from Egypt and all kinds of pagan sun cult secret society's !

Scholar: D.M. Murdock/Acharya S

"There were many such figures, but it is not their story being told in the New Testament.

The "Jesus Christ" of the New Testament is a fictional composite of characters, real and mythical. A composite of multiple "people" is no one. When the mythological and midrashic layers are removed, there remains no "historical" core to the onion.

The "real" people involved in the creation of this fictional character are numerous individuals who spoke "sayings" centuries the millennia before the common era, and a very few biographical details buried in the fictional tale.

There's no "guy there" under the layers. It's a fictional character, like Gulliver."

You can shuffle with the text of the bible as many times as you like but it does not make it truth ! The bible is based on Myths, astrotheological myths, Masonic hints, pagan sun worship, Egyptian pyramid text, Egyptian technology = Ark of Covenant and mono-atomic gold from the Calf and don't forget the 10 commandments from Egyptian book of the dead from the negative confessions. Abraham - Noach - Moses - Joseph - Yoshua, Jesus story's are just story's it did not happen historically. Gospels are not written by the assumed Matthew, Luc, Mark and John, neither the Revelation was written by John (not the John of the Gospel anyway) .Battle of Jericho never happened. Adam and Eve and Noach etc. allegorical not history. There were never 12 apostles nor 72 disciples. Crucifixion and resurrection and ascension you might forget about them also ! David and Solomon if they ever existed at all were mere minor Kings, story's are exaggerated beyond believe ! The whole bible is bogus, full of lies, invented history, fraud, forgery, plagiarizing, contradictions, impossibility's and what have you. Sermon on the mount never happened, txt is from OT. Its bogus its a fairytale. ''God'' ( does not exist) is not in the bible or contacted anyone in biblical years or before or after !
Christianity is a bogus organization who instigated a fraud on us for over 2000 years, its all a hoax lady's and gentleman . Get a life !

Egyptologist Dr. Samuel C Sharpe, in 'Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian Christianity' writes: "We have the Annunciation, the Conception, the Birth and the Adoration, as described in the 1st and 2nd Chapters of Luke's Gospel; and as we have historical assurance that the chapters in Matthew which contain the Miraculous Birth of Jesus are an after addition not in the earliest manuscripts, [it seems likely these are also borrowed] from the Egyptian accounts of the miraculous birth of their kings."

EyeofHorus33 1 week ago

The "Nativity Scene" of Jesus' birth as described in the Gospel according to Luke also has its roots in Ancient Egyptian mythology. This is supported by actual temple reliefs and the scholarly opinions of various Egyptologists, including - among others - Professor Barry J Kemp, Professor in Egyptology at Cambridge University.

In the temple of Amun at the site of Luxor in Egypt appears a series of scenes depicting the divine birth of the pharaoh Amenhotep III, who reigned during the 14th C BCE,

EyeofHorus33 1 week ago

The three-day period and resurrection of Osiris is also recorded by first century historian Plutarch (39, 366D-E) as occurring on the 17th, 18th and 19th of the Egyptian month Athyr (Hathor). (Source: Plutarch, "Isis and Osiris", translated by Frank Cole Babbitt.)
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EyeofHorus33 1 week ago

In the ‘Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament’, professor of Old Testament and Catholic Theology at the University of Bonn, Dr. G. Johannes Botterweck, writes:

“In the Late Period in particular, goddesses are frequently called beautiful virgins, especially Hathor, Isis, and Nephthys.”

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EyeofHorus33 1 week ago

The idea that Horus' mother, Isis, was not a "virgin" is something that most ‘debunkers’ like to claim in order to reaffirm their own sense of Christian righteousness - though at the temple of Seti I at Abydos, built circa 1300 BC, she is indeed referred to as the "Great Virgin."
EyeofHorus33 2 weeks ago

The annual death-and-resurrection period of Osiris is depicted as 3 days. Reverend Dr. Alfred Bertholet, a theologian and professor at the University of Göttingen:“The Pre-Christian Belief in the Resurrection of the Body”, published in 1916 in The American Journal of Theology by the Uni of Chicago Press - Dr. Bertholet remarks: "Osiris was three days and three nights in the waters before he was restored to life again." Being ‘restored to life’ after death is resurrection, in my humble opinion!

RE: POtHS - Creation - 72 - Starlight and Time

Hieronder een excerpt van info van video zie hieronder voor de rest en mijn comment op dat forum van concen conspiracy central forum op de concen torrent site.

Als de wereld gecreerd is 6000 jaar geleden inclusief de universe en de aarde zoals ze lijken te stellen hier, hm 2000 AD - 2000 = 0 - 4000 bc = 6000 jaar geleden terwijl 4000 jaar geleden er al duizenden mensen op aarde waren en miljoenen soorten dieren en planten en dus een full blown pre Sumer en Sumerian culture met alles erop en eraan wat we nu ook hebben hoewel in een ietwat primitivere fashion but nevertheless. Wat een waanzin en ze houden het nog vol ook en denken nog argumenten ervoor te hebben. What a waste of time and waste of money. Hoe dom kan je toch zijn ? Waar staat in de bijbel dat de aarde gecreerd is 6000 jaar geleden laat staan wanneer het universum was gecreerd ? I give up there is no intelligent life on earth ! at least its very rare .

RE: POtHS - Creation - 72 - Starlight and Time

Origins - Starlight and Time with Dr Russell Humphreys:
The Bible says the universe is just thousands of years old, and yet we can see stars that are billions of light-years away. Dr Russell Humphreys' new cosmology addresses this issue with a fresh and scientifically sound solution. Learn how practical physics using Einstein's relativity explains how light could be seen on Earth during Creation week.

Starlight And A Young Earth by Dr. G. Charles Jackson:
If Earth is only 6000 years old, then how can we see light from distant sources like the Andromeda galaxy, which is 2 million light years away? Is PBS Nova correct? Has the Big Bang theory been proven long ago? Does the Bible really have anything to say, either directly or indirectly, about these issues? The answers are there. The answers are plain. Learn about the most recent theories from evolutionists and creationists. You be the judge which ones are right.

Comment by the Relihunter

RE: POtHS - Creation - 72 - Starlight and Time

Oh my already another POtHS crap video. Nothing to see here folks only lies and disinformation !
These video's have been proven wrong time and time again. ''The Bible says the universe is just thousands of years old''' ??? There is nothing mentioned in the bible about the universe at all other than that those cultures where those myths came from ( Sumeria ) knew there were stars moons and planets in the sky. Nowhere in the bible there is a mentioning of the age of the universe being 6000 years old. And which is it the universe 6000 years or the earth 6000 years, could not be both truth at the same time ! Make up your minds dumb christians ! Do your fucking math please ? îts now ad 2013 - 2000 years is 0 ( I do not count 13) now we have 4000 left right ? OK when were the pyramids build supposedly. 2500 bc ? OK thats 2000 + 2500 = 2500 right ? Full blown Egyptian culture 2500 bc (4500 years ago) we have approx 2000 left to we get minus 6000 years right ? Can you still follow me or do you need an electronic calculator ? 2500 bc - 2000 years = 4000 bc right ? So according to POtHS the earth was created 4000 bc ? Creation of earth, plants, animals, bacteria, fish, chemicals, Adam and Eve, all the 4 races at ones including chinese, blacks, what have you, even a full blown pre Sumerian and Sumerian culture and all of this in the same year 4000 bc. 4000 bc we had already civilized great Sumer culture with courts, writing in cuniform, agriculture all of it ! You must be very dumb to think that this all happened in a second because that had to be else there was no time enough on the earth to establish everything I summed up and things I did not even sum up.. Are you christians still with me or are you already formulating the next apologetic semi biblical theological ridiculous nonsense ? What is it make up your mind..
Luckely all your assumptions and B.S. is already debunked for years but you still go on with this plain old B.S. For ones and for all USE YOUR BRAINS for SUN sake !
- Therelihunter

The presence of those fantastical elements renders anything in it unreliable on its face. The "history" of the gospels' central character is all over the place, filled with implausibilities and contradictions. Their authors aren't eyewitnesses, and are demonstrably ignorant of the physical geography of and society in which their story is set. Resting any historical claim solely on such texts is what is indefensible (which is why Craig is forced to resort to appeals to authority).
- cinemarchaeologist