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Ark Covenant

According to bible scholar Laurence Gardner The Ark of the Covenant was build by Egyptians and was of Egyptian origin and is not made on the command of God but on the command of the ''Lord of the mountain'' which was the high priest Yethro. The Ark is an ancient technology and is an electrical device, a capacitor with superconducting properties because it allegedly worked with white powder gold. This powder gold is of monoatomic substance and is made by heating gold with very high temperatures. The temple on the mountain was setup as a metallurgic factory to produces high amounts of this stuff. This monoatomic gold was found at Mount Horeb in Sinai (Egyptian part) in the early 1900's. This was the same monoatomic Gold Moses the Golden Calf turned into. Moses than must have know the procedure to process the Calf into this powder which he fed or let it drink the Israelites by throwing it the water. The danger from the Ark came from the electrical discharge it was given off, which power ( amperage ) must have high enough to kill people. The Ark is a capacitor which builds up static electricity.

Conclusions: Ark is capacitor, Ark could indeed have contained tablets, Egyptian origin, Has nothing to do with God (translation error in the bible) , Not a communication device, The Cherubim functioned as electrodes, The Ark is probably not that dangerous as described, Could not have tumbled walls of Jericho (static discharge will not tumble walls forget it), Could not have parted the waters of the Jordan except for a little stream which maybe diverted because there was an certain amount of static electrical discharge which pushes water away, God was not in communication with Moses and was not even there at all (God is not even in the whole bible, manmade story). That those stupid Israelites thought it was a holy device from God thats their problem. It is obviously ancient technology and this is a fact and proven by Hutchinson and team.
I dont expect you to believe me but do your own research and you will see I am right. Christians wont like this explanation but that up to them and their own problem. Believers are programmed and brainwashed in or out church by religion take it or leave it ! I state only facts

Hazor Law Code Tablet

Hazor Law Code Tablet

The Ten Commandments allegedly given by God to Moses on the top of Mount Sinai are related to Egyptian tradition. The Code of Hammurabi was known in Israel in the Middle Bronze Age and seems to be proved by a recent find called “Hazor Law Code Tablet”.